10 Reason Why it Rocks to be a Blogger

10 Reason Why it Rocks to be a Blogger10 Reason Why it Rocks to be a Blogger: If you are among the people thinking about becoming a blogger, or wondering how to start a blog and earn a standard living, then you may wonder if it worth the effort or not.

Heavy saturation of blogs and the existence of many popular bloggers serve as a deterrent for starting something new.

However, blogging, even in the early stages, totally rocks! There are many benefits attack to blogging, both personal and professional.

The Top 10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Blogger.

1. Blogging Improves Your Writing

Firstly, Blogging help to become a better researcher, you will be able to do researcher on particular topics by checking out the fact and seek out related and similar content.

Doing this over a period of time will help you improve through regular content generation.

Furthermore, Blogging helps you to express yourself clearly in a writing format and develop your author voice.

Thereby help to improve your writing skills

Moreover, Blogging consistently help to initiates the habit of checking work for spelling and grammar which help to improve your writing skills over a period of time.

2. Blogging Teaches Critical Thinking

As a blogger, when writing on your personal blog, remember that other users will inevitably leave comments on your blog post.

Similarly, the social media channel such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. there will be a dialogue between you as the writer, and your audience, as the readers viewing your blog.

People may confront you with their own point of view when they engage in your blog post.

The comments section will serve as a great opportunity to learn different things.

This wellbeing discussion can help you, the writer consider alternative viewpoints, which enable you to think critically over a period of time.

3. Blogging Builds New Skills

Blogging builds news skills in the sense that it will enable you the writer to write quality content including the videos, photos, graphics and other media files.

Some bloggers blog for income, if you find yourself in these shoes, make sure you provide rich contents on your blog because it encourages sharing and drives more traffic.

However, not everyone begins a blog with the ability to create exciting media.

Whether you take a community education class or watch YouTube.

However, not everyone started blogging with the ability to create viral content or exciting media, it is advisable to take a community education class or watch YouTube videos to learn more.

You can find free or discounted ways to learn. So, a blog gives you an opportunity to learn and practice these new media skills.

4. Blogging Encourages Self Expression

As a blogger, your blog is a place where you can express your thoughts and ideas.

So often people are not chanced to express their ideology and emotions on a particular topic and document them creatively, A blog is a creative outlet for personal expression by doing what you love doing.

Imagination is the only limit on your blog which is not applicable, this wellbeing process will enable you to have self-aware and improve your state of mindset over a period of time.

Moreover, some mental health professionals recommend blogs as a part of therapy due to the fact that the intentional process allows people to discuss their own minds.

When blogging becomes your regular routine, you’re adding a healthy and wellbeing outlet for self-expression.

5. Bloggers Can Work from Anywhere

As a blogger blogging for income, you can work from anywhere.

In fact, great bloggers usually go to the stories and share their ideas and opinion instead of waiting for stories to come to them.

Blogging enable you to express your mind and opinion to the world at large by creating a quality content that goes viral and promote those stories.

Mind you the more you write, the more you’ll find yourself on the way.

Blogging helps you to connect with other people, it helps you to build your skills and generate great personal and professional opportunities for people.

The blogging road may seem intimidating at first, there are so many benefits attached to starting a blog.

We hope to see you on this incredible blogging journey.

With this fact, there are many reasons why it rocks to be a blogger, even if you are newbies, I mean people that are just starting out, and the journey of blogging is both fun and inspiring.

6. Blogs Create a Community

I do laugh when newbies assume that blogging is very competitive, most bloggers are actually friendly and helpful.

They feel happy with the community and understand the value of engaging with each other’s posts.

For examples, if you wanted to start a blog or you are newbies in the blogging community, there are many bloggers outside their than do give tips and tricks to get you started.

With this process, you’ll learn from that community and give back guidelines to other new writers.

Most essentially, your blog generates an avenue to connect people who love the same things as you.

7. Blogging Challenges You

The blogosphere is very challenging, you will consider creating a blog and start sharing what you love doing with others, and then you will need to start picking up a topic and audience.

By doing this it will enable you to pick a good structure for your blog posts and a format for how you promote your content.

Like seriously, blogging requires more than merely writing, you need to create a story with quality content that will nourish the readers.

Therefore it requires challenging yourself to experience new things, blogging enable you to meet new people and explore new ideas.

Blogging is very challenging to the extent that you will find yourself reading more and expose to so many things.

It enables to travell more or talking to more people in an effort to improve your blog content and generate more revenue also.

This will be challenging to you and enable you to look for a better blog post with more engagement.

8. Blogs Generate Opportunities

According to Tech Client, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages on search engines.

Moreover, the website does rank higher which leads to more traffic.

Blogging creates more online opportunities either you are planning to make money through ads or you want to start blogging on an e-commerce website.

It is very necessary for writers and business people to consider creating a blog and start blogging because blog performs so well on search engines.

9. Your Blog Can Inspire Others

As you are building an online community, your readers will find meaning in your work.

Building an online community, your blog will generate viewers and they will find your work meaningful.

Which will inspire them to come back to your blog for your next post?

For examples, I posted on top 10 Good Leadership Qualities That Make A Good Leaders

One of my readers, message me on the email that the post really helps her in the work she embark on.

That means my readers contact me to let me know how have encouraged or inspired her, just by writing on my blog

In contrast to a dull 9-to-5, your website work can have a real impact.

Note: When you are creative, your creativity moves people, that feeling is amazing.

10. As Your Blog Grows, Your Network Grows

There is both personal and professional benefit of blogging, Within that massive groups are specialized niches where you can market yourself, your products or your business.

This is one of the reasons why it rocks to be a blogger.

As you write consistently, your network will get to know you better. So, a growing blog means a growing professional network.

Because there are over 7 million people that publish blogs on blogging website and another 12 million blog through social media.


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