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Who is Makemoneyology?

Firstly I’d like to welcome you right here.

Hey, Am not a Ghost.

Oyewale Olalekan

Yea, that’s me above.

My Name is Oyewale Olalekan and welcome to the blog where I share all Make Money Online Tips and Strategies to help you earn from the internet easily.

I don’t teach you how to get rich quick or overnight here, I believe strongly that if something works well for me then it’d definitely work for you as well.

For you to really benefit from what I teach here, you need to be ready to invest where necessary and must be ready to take action.

These are the exact ways I make money online legitimately.

They include some areas such as;

  • Make Money Online Tips
  • Business Tips
  • Personal Finance
  • Motivation Tips
  • Online Investment Opportunities,
  • Hot Make Money from the Internet Offers.
  • NO SCAMs

Am not one of those Internet Fraud guys known as Yahoo Boys. I do legitimate business online as mentioned above.

Only a Lazy Man does Yahoo or any Illegal business.

  • I render quality internet related services and get paid: It’s the best way to get paid on the internet.
  • I sell eBooks also known as information Marketing


Oyewale Olalekan  Phone Number, Email and Address

Before I give you these;

There’s a warning;

  • You must call me only from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
  • If you are going to be put off by me trying to sell (recommend) you something at the end of the day, please do not call or email me.
  • Do notcall me to verify if a Program I have reviewed is Legit or Not (I make sure whatever program or make money online Opportunity I review here on the blog is 100% legit or scam, so all questions is probably answered in the review already)

If you need to contact me right away after reading the above, then you can do that using below;

Update: I had to remove my Phone Number due to unnecessary calls i was getting. People were calling just for calling sake.

Update: I decided to put it back online, call 08134274017

Want to send an email Instead?

I am very strict when it comes to replying emails, your email needs to be self-explanatory and follow the rules on this page if not I won’t reply you.

You can email me here:



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