5 Tips To Make A Career Change

Career Change 5 Tips To Make A Career ChangeCareer Change: Having a change of career may be something difficult to do but is very possible.

If your initial career is not giving any sign of good thing to come, the best step take is to have a shift or change of career.

For whoever has an interest in a career change, having a well thought of plan is the key to achieving success.

To know how to go about it, here are some key steps you need to take.

Career Change: 5 Tips To Make A Career Change

1. Decision- Making

It is the dream of every job seekers to get less stress and highly rewarding job, but not many achieve this goal.

However, finding yourself uncomfortable in a job does not stop you from wanting another that is less demanding and lucrative.

Seeking another job that satisfies your taste requires you to be definite and exactly go about what you want.

Do you want a shoe industry to pursue as a career or in the textile industry? Would you prefer Telecommunication Company to Energy Company?

Do you want to have private work and joint public work? You just have to be certain about what you want.

In making a decision, consider passion and things that excite you. In addition, examine people who are already in the career you want to shift to, this will help you greatly in making a good career change.

2. Cost Estimation

When you are fully convinced about the need to alter your career path, it is always better to consider the cost before making your decision.

If you want to change your career to teaching. You need a teacher training college.

Since they are many in your area, town or community, compare the tuition fees and availability of material to be used instead of buying them, and then make the right choice.

Are you willing to pursue a career in football as a player? If you are, find a club where people are trained and taught the rudiment skills of the game.

There are a lot of clubs out there, compare their entrance fee, and join the one that offers you what you want at a lesser cost.

Whatever career you want to change to, endeavour to follow this process because it helps.

3. Take Financial Inventory

Before making a new career change, examine the state of your finance with respect to inflow and outflow of cash.

Your financial health is very critical to any monetary decisions you want to make in life.

You need this factor in your income and expenses, net worth, savings, debt, credit report and others before deciding your next career move.

Don’t just wake up in a day and decided to change from A to B without financially buoyant, this is a dangerous path you should not follow.

4. Create A Plan And Be Realistic

Having being sure of what will cost you to change your career, you need to do a comparative analysis of the benefit of your current job and what you may likely get from your intending new job.

Is the new career you intended to change to not stressful? Will your working hour will be reduced in the new job?

Are the facility provided in your new company better than the one you were working with before?

Would the new job allows and give you the opportunity you have been denied in the former?

If the new job will allow and give you an opportunity to do something else such as going to school, learning a vocational skill, doing business etc.

Then you need a plan that will help to achieve any of the above opportunities or other you have chosen yourself.

This planning will include: knowledge about what you want to do, having healthy saving habits, investing your savings on the business you have learned.

You must have adequate knowledge of it and lastly having managerial skills to prevent the business from going down.

5. Implement Your Plan

The next decision you need to make is the implementation of your plan. Having a plan without implementation is as good as having none.

This strives hard to run your plan into reality by working it out.

If you have made up your mind to go to school and you have successfully drawn your plan of how you intend to go about your study, put it into action and stick to it. For example, you may design your plan this way.

I will go for afternoon school

I will be using two hours to receive lectures

My lecture time will be between 8pm-10pm

I will be revising my notes every day by 8 am to 9 am

I will ensure I visit the library for additional information on what I have been taught, at least once a week.


Tips and guidelines on how to make a career change are listed above. Once you have designed It the way it is above your priority should be, adhere to it by putting it into action.

In brief, finding people in an uncomfortable job is not something to rejoice about, changing them to another job may also be a tricky option.


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