Guidelines To Follow If You Are Dating A Financially Unstable Boyfriend

Dating Someone Who Is Financially Unstable


Financially Unstable Boyfriend: Love is key to marital relationships; it joins and put the marriage together. This love may be powered by a good look, behaviour and money.

Of these three, money seems to be primus interposes. Do not say money is nothing it matters in a relationship, feeding, clothing, footing hospital bills, training of children etc. requires money.

If money is essential, what happens when someone you are dating is bad with money? Will, you cut your relationship with him?

The answers to either of the questions, lies in your motive, goals and self-belief, about what you intend to achieve.

If you date or marry because of money, the relationship will collapse if your spouse is bad with money.

However, if the goals are to have family and the belief is positive with regards to change of attitude of your finance, the union may last longer.

If you are in love with someone who is bad with money and you did not know what you should do, here are some tips that will guide you.


  • Knows that money is an important factor in a marital relationship: shelters, feeding and clothing need money. Therefore, don’t ignore its value in your relationship.
  • Let not your relationship based on money alone. Although money is central and the key to marital life, build your relationship on other human values such as honesty, integrity and piety.
  • Imagine what would have been a relationship with him if not marital friend or enemy. Do not date or marry someone that cannot be your friend. Marrying a person that can be your friend makes it easy to build a cordial and lasting relationship
  • Let the person be informed of your financial plan to generate a decision. This conversation will reveal your humility and readiness to learn from him. This attitude will create in him, the curiosity to know how to change and become a good manager of money.
  • Make it a duty upon yourself to ascertain his behaviour with money. This becomes necessary because his bad credit score may not be a true reflection of his money habit. You can know this by asking yourself some disturbing questions:
  1. Is he a worker or a businessman?
  2. What amount does he earn as salary or make as a profit in a month?
  3. How does he utilize the money, does he spend or save it, does he overspend or underspend?
  4. Does he blame people when he is short of money?


If you take a decision to marry someone who is bad with money, see it as a challenge and take it up. It opens your brain and eyes to many opportunities that you can avail yourself of.

If broadening your reasoning and increase your creativity, having had prior knowledge of your spouse altitude to money before marriage, do not be weighed down by his money habit size the available opportunities to create a source of income for yourself.

1. Neither Demand Nor Expect Much From Him

Do not create a problem for yourself by demanding money for your up keeping from him when you know he rarely gives for that purpose.

However, if he gives without you demanding for it, that nice, accept it and make good use of it.

2. Don’t Have A Joint Business With Him

Having understood his poor money habit which includes reckless spending on items that are of little or no value to him, borrowing money and incurring debt, it is not advisable to jointly have a business enterprise.

Making a decision to have a joint business can be costly and may quicken the collapse of the business.

3. Avoid Having a Joint Account

Do not have or operate the same account with him, Make sure you manage your own personal account to avoid debt, burden pressure that may be created by your spouse. “Uncontrollable passion for loans and careless spending”.

4. Protect To Your Account

Secure or protect your account by not allowing him to have access to your account name, account number, ATM card and access code and other things that can make him qualify to withdraw money from your account without permission.

5. Financial Assistance

Rendering financial assistance to him when it necessarily needed, that considers helping him when he is in need of financial assistance out of love, humility and not arrogance.

This will help you to strengthen your relationship and make you an indispensable pillar of the family.

6. Loyal

Be loyal to him in spite of your financial success. Try not to disobey his orders, don’t prostitute your body and avoid shouting at him even though you are the breadwinner of the family.

This will make you receive his blessings, achieve more success and cohabit peacefully.

7. Always Make Him Seem Important To Your Life

Sit and discuss issues with him, seek relevant advice on how well you should utilize your resources and make sure he is carried along in everything you do, do not be short of his praises to underscore his significant to your life.


As said earlier, Love is key to marital relationships; it joins and put the marriage together. Dating someone who is financially unstable is not a barrier but you need to follow the guidelines listed above.

If your boyfriend is irresponsible with money, there are some strategies you must follow if you eventually marry someone who is bad with money.

Don’t expect more from him, don’t have a joint business with him, don’t have a joint account, financial assistance, loyal and always make him seems important to your life are best strategies to apply if you eventually marry someone who is bad with money.

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