Google Testing Search Console Insights Experience For Content Creators

Google Testing Search Console Insights Experience For Content Creators

google search console insights experience

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Google has started testing “Search Console Insights Experience”. It is a new experience customized and dedicated to Content Creators and Publishers. The new Insight Experience will help them understand how audiences discover the site’s content and how the content is resonating with users.

Both the Search Console and Google Analytics are powering the new experience.

Who can access  Search Console Insights currently?

It is currently in the beta phase and available to only a group of people who received an official email to join from Google. It might get open to more users & more sites will be allowed in the near future.

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Site owners have been informed already if they’ve been selected to take part in the beta test. And if you are planning to sign up for the beta, there is no option.

According to Google, Search Console Insights Experience will provide content creators with the data they need to make informed decisions and improve their content

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