How Negative Reviews Impact SEO

How Negative Reviews Impact SEO

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Negative customer reviews can hurt you more than just your feelings.

It makes sense that reviews have an impact on your reputation along with SEO. Whether the impact is negative or positive, it all depends on how you respond to those reviews.

If you can handle reviews correctly, it can improve search rankings, reputation and also boost your SEO efforts.

Negative reviews turn customers off and 39% of the potential customers will not prefer that company. Your online reputation matters a lot, so all businesses or companies should make it a priority.

Online reviews are critical to your SEO strategy. They have major implications on your business by their ability to affect on :

  • Customers purchasing decisions.
  • Which product gets more likes.
  • Your rankings in SERP.

How negative reviews impact on SEO

negative feedback

1. Negative Ratings or Reviews can influence your SEO ranking

According to Google ranking, algorithm-positive/negative reviews do affect your site rankings in many ways. Ratings and reviews increase engagement on businesses’ posts. There are three types of search results that are influenced by Google ratings and reviews:

  • Google map searches- When you search from Google map fro businesses around you then it displays the “highest-rated” results.
  • Mobile searches- When you search from your mobile about businesses, it looks for average ratings and review counts to display your results.
  • Local Carousel-There is a strong relationship between ratings/reviews and the Carousel position. When a business becomes so famous then it becomes a landmark for people which increases its reputation.

2. Negative reviews provide opportunities to respond

Negative reviews provide you with the opportunity to respond, to actively manage your “Google My Business” account. Responding to reviews is the key to how negative reviews can impact your SEO.

3. Boost the Credibility

It is a fact that only positive reviews can increase credibility but negative reviews also boost your credibility if it handles correctly. A company with positive and negative reviews looks genuine and original. When a website represents the presence of both positive and negative, its prospects would stay on it for a long time and benefit you with renewed trust. Negative review increases engagement of your business in Google or any review website. And a business with high engagement got more clicks and views.

4. Negative reviews may help a website to rank for the long-tail keyword:

Long-tail keywords are easier to rank if selected carefully. There is less competition on long-tail keywords. The problem comes in identifying such keywords.

Look at customer comments, and see how they are phrasing their concerns. In reply to those comments, you can use long-tail phrases or keywords for your site’s optimization.

Using this technique you can convey a message to the customer and also you can boost your site’s optimization.

5. Negative reviews generate buzz:

A negative review is better than no review on the feedback form. If you respond to your customer, it shows that you value the feedback from customers. Additionally, it shows that you are willing to solve that issue as soon as possible. So, negative reviews generate Buzz and it is good for SEO. You have to handle it gently.

6. Negative Reviews drives Content Marketing:

As you know, How google ranking works, and how does google rank the reviews?

Bad or Good reviews increase Engagements. And engagements Boost the rankings. It is a good time to understand Negative reviews is the best tool for content marketing and customers love to read those comments on reviews. You can create a number of blog posts and articles regarding those reviews or issues. When you address the previous issue and show them the results. Then you can win the hearts of existing customers.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews?

respond to negative reviews

  • Do Apologize and mean it.
  • Don’t refuse to apologize.
  • Do be honest about the mistake and accept responsibility where you find you are wrong.
  • Don’t blame your staff. Because you must train them if they have done something wrong then it’s your fault.
  • Don’t blame the customer or accuse them of lying.
  • Do express your commitment to fixing the issues raised.
  • Give them a special offer if possible.
  • Don’t refuse to accept responsibility.

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