Low-Cost Marketing Tips To Use During COVID-19 By Experts

Low-Cost Marketing Tips To Use During COVID-19 By Experts

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The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused only the health and mental issues of a person but also shaken up the world and the global economy. Every business is in loss now and is facing a lot of challenges these days. Some more issues like Less consumer demand, job losses, unemployment, and economic recession are more enormous challenges for businesses around the world. These business sector needs to bounce back and need some strategies to recover.

We know that many small businesses are feeling particularly vulnerable right now. But the truth is that you can use low-cost strategies to recover from this pandemic situation.

Low-Cost ways of Marketing:


  • Email Marketing– Can help you to Interact with Potential Customers.
  • Analyze Past Campaign Performance– To know and guide your past Marketing Strategy and Campaign.
  • PPC Marketing– Drives Direct Sales for a low cost.
  • Local SEO-To drive more traffic and attract customers from nearby.
  • SEO Marketing– To Stay Ahead of the competition
  • Remarketing– Keep Marketing to Attract More Customers.
  • Plan Webinars– Plan some live events on apps like zoom.
  • Create Youtube Videos– Get more engagement to publish videos on social media.
  • Use Social Media– To connect with your loyal customers and sharing upcoming products and discounts.

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You are not alone in this fight, and I want to provide you with some hope and direction on how to deal with this pandemic situation with an appropriate strategy.

Tips for Businesses in COVID-19 to Stay Afloat:

businesses in covid-19

This COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the lives of marketers and businesses. Here are some tips which you should adopt to stay in Industry to stay Afloat :

  • Move your business online 

    At this time, your business needs an online presence.

    Facts are that:
    1. People are free at home.
    2. People are online most of the time.

So, you need to bring your store, customers, and products online. Online shopping is not just limited to essential items. In fact, you can buy a Tesla car online at $80,000.

You can cover a lot of audience for your store online and target them anytime.

  • Make use of your CRM and email list:If you don’t have much footfall than it’s difficult to afford paid advertisement, but still you can keep your business afloat. Scrap your CRM for existing customers and run different email campaigns with unique ideas and offers. It’s a free way to interact with potential customers on a large scale.

    Use your email list in two ways:

    1. Find the most valuable and daily customers. Show them little empathy to recall them.
    2. Reach existing customers who just visited your store without purchasing anything. Show them your offers and discounts to make them visit your online store.

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Email marketing is one of the lowest cost of marketing, It has the highest return on investment. There are a lot of websites by which we can run email marketing campaigns.

  • Amplify Your Online Presence via Social Media:90% of youth spends many hours on social media in today’s world. The youth is your potential customer. Pandemic is the best time to establish your social media platform.

    Through your social media pages, you can locate your physical stores nearest to customers and inform them about your unique products and services. Businesses have the opportunity to focus on relationship building and deeply understand the need of customers. It will help you to create refined social media campaigns and generate high conversion rates.

    You should focus on increasing your social media followers to gain the trust of new customers.

    Establish your brand or company as a reliable source of information and share valuable information on social media. So visitors keep returning to visit to your social media pages.

  • Highlight How Your Business Can Help:

    Companies exist to provide services and values, and good services and products to boost your business.Tell your customers that you can help them, tell them the brand story:
    1. Communicate your benefits.
    2. Create helpful content.
  • Evaluate Your Imagery and Language:
    Visual communication is good and powerful. The words we use and the technique used to give the message is helpful for businesses.So it’s important to think about the message you are conveying :
    1. Avoid visuals of crowds.
    2. Reframe marketing language that describes a close interaction.
    3. Swap out visuals.
    4. Keep People Informed.
    5. Don’t be an alarmist.
    6. Avoid Bragging.
    7. Mind your tone.

corona quarantine

Remember: The Quarantine is Temporary, It’s Not Permanent.

We don’t when this time will end. Hopefully, we get rid of this by next year. We encourage you to prepare for that transition pro-actively.

During this pandemic time, we’re reminded that the stakes of marketing are feeling productive, and feeling like value to the world is meaningful. We wish everyone health and safety during this unusual time.

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